Electronic Garden

Palos Verdes Art Center Addition Competition

A sound garden animated by moving water and various sound devices activated by water marks passage from the parking area through the main court concluding at the existing memorial garden, flanked by a community space.  This garden, also the sculpture court is the main gathering space within the art center, Visitors arrive at the lower court that is flanked on all three sides by galleries, located in the existing building, the artist’s shop and commercial kitchen in the new wing. The court becomes an out of door living space where programs for all three sides can spill over. A sloped grass amphitheater on the end of the roof of the special features gallery faces a new active wall on the north side of the existing building where a screen provides a place to project films and videos in the evenings. 

TEAM: Lee Washesky, Partner; David Hodge, Christopher Getman, Susan Deacon, Seth Cooke