SHOTGUN:  Trigger Capture and Drawing in the Beat

August Wilson Center for African American Culture, Gallery2007

This video drawing that was part of the Drawn In exhibition shows that which passed through the house and shows the beat of time that makes up daily life at Project Row houses in Houston Texas.  This drawing investigates ways to show the fullness of time in a space.   The video drawing honors John Biggars rhythmic paintings of shotgun houses, and used his repeated visual pattern as a temporal pattern.

The drawing shows the interior of the shotgun house recorded choreographed photographs, and unfolded to show the unpeeled interior.   The installation project traced the light and shadows onto the house with masking tape to draw the passing of time through.  This was done 6 times a day at specific intervals.  The simple act of making graffiti with tape made it possible for the children in the after school programs sponsored by Project Row House to participate. 


TEAM:  Sergey Belov film, Sasha Shumyatsky installation at Rowhouses