Surface Landscapes

California Central Valley History Museum Competition, Fresno California


History is framed in the building as network of narratives about people and their relationship the land. 

The museum has been developed as a framing device operating at multiple scales creating connective narratives about the landscape and people that inhabit the land.  The architecture consists of a series of planes constructed of materials that grow or used to grow in the region.  These planes enclose both interior and exterior spaces.  The horizontal and vertical surfaces or walls and floors of the project are designed to blur the distinction between artifact/event on display and frame.  Acting as a device for phenomenal and mental reflection the walls and floors collage exterior and interior spatial contents.  The contraction and expansions of distance created by the materiality and placement of walls/floors creates the terms within which the architecture represents the concept of a museum for history.  This project was exhibited at the Fresno Museum of Art.

TEAM PHASE I: Lee Washesky Co-Partner, Al Donovan, Chris Getman, Trevor Laubenstein

TEAM PHASE II: Lee Washesky Co-Partner, Al Donovan Chris Getman, Trevor Laubenstein, Final Model: Sasha Shumyatsky, Rendering:  Pablo Garcia, Edsel Ramirez,  Contributors: Jim Buffard, Kristen Buffard,     ,