Urban Energy Field:  Urban Feedback Loop

Northside Neighborhood Pittsburgh


Finalist Entry in the Charm Bracelet Collaborative, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

This propposal for revitalization of the North side of Pittsburgh the project shows a series of interventions to make the underpasses surrounding the Northside Neighborhood safer and an active part of the neighborhood.   ‘Solar Palms’ at the overpasses that cut the North side in two.  Power generated at the highway surface is used to light the unpleasant, dark underpasses to help reconnect the two sides of the North side.  An underpass container farm market and bike rental and container cafe are proposed to inhabit concrete train trestles.  An adjacent gigantic parking lot between the Heinz Field and the PNC Stadium is repaved with permeable pavers.   "Solar Trees'  shade cars otherwise exposed to the sun.  The power generated is supplied back to the underpasses for night lighting and other out of door power requirements for the neighborhood.   The ideas competition held to generate ideas to make the North side attractive to families was sponsored by a consortium of arts and entertainment venues including the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, the Andy Warhol Museum, The Mattress Factory, A.I.R. (Artists Image Resource), Carnegie Science Center, Heinz Field, PNC Stadium, The National Avery, the New Hazlett Theater and others.  This project was exhibited at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum.

TEAM:  Sergey Belov, Sophia Goehner